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360° Coaching Sessions

Leadership coaching and instigating Theories of Change

Strength, Vision and Confidence start within.

When leaders perform at their peak, that flows down through the entire organization – because confident leaders create productive teams!
We are living through extraordinary times. If you want to lead change,  be ahead of the curve in solving the questions of our century, you need an antifragile strategy, a resilient team but first and foremost you need yourself.
You are the one responsible for imagining how markets will look like ten years from now.
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Join, Learn and Grow

Your Free 360 Degree Coaching Session

How to thrive during times of volatility, insecurity, complexity and uncertainty? People call it VUCA.

SwissFinTechLadies offers their members 360 Degree Free Coaching Sessions with one of our experienced Certified Systemic Business Coaches.

Whatever change in perspective you need for breaking through blockages and restart thriving in personal life, business life, family or financial life – we are here to help – for free in our 30 minutes speed coaching sessions delivered virtually.

Maybe you need support during challenging times in any area to allow you to reposition, reinvent yourself and grow. Your 360 degree coach is here for you.

We can also help in crisis management and craft coping strategies together with you.

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    SFTL also coaching sessions for the following topics:

    • Life Investment Coaching
    • 360 Degree Regeneration in or after crisis
    • Business Strategy Coaching
    • Personal and Business Success Coaching
    • Through our mediator we are also offering conflict coaching and mediation

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