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Working Groups


Daria is a fintech expert with 10+ years of experience in managing digital products and teams. She is specialized in platform economy and ecosystems in both B2B and B2C markets. As a keynote speaker, she promotes value driven tech management on conferences in Switzerland and abroad. 

A “financed longevity” program, which helps to support health and engagement in advanced age from financial perspective. The program aims to research the main cost drivers and explore financing opportunities to back those costs while taking into account individual situations. 

The working group develops best practices in female finance & health management and shares them on regular basis within community.

Daria Mühlethaler
Head of Longvity working Group

Media Working Group

This working group is responsible for the News section and Blog of this Website

Contact person

Digital Assets und Tokenization Working Group

This Working Group is developing a strategy for trade with tokenized Assets

Please contact karen@swissfintechladies.ch for further information

We will keep you updated in the News and Blog sections

Donors Gala

This Working Group is preparing the Donors Gala on November 24/25 at Zurich Trustsquare. If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor or Media Partner please contact karen@swissfintechladies.ch
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