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In fulfillment of SDG


In fulfillment of SDG

In fulfillment of SDG

The SwissFinTechLadies is an association that is concerned with the financial literacy of women and the further development of the skills of its members. For this, many courses are offered free of charge (like the Blockchain Certificate CAS of the University of Nicosia) or at self cost price (like the trainings on Emotional Intelligence), Women are underrepresented in the financial industry as well as in the tech industry. In theFinTech industry, this leads to a compound effect. Women hold 1 percent of blockchain assets (CryptoValleyJournal), get only 2 percent of venture capital as founders (Financial Times, Pitchbook) and have less powerful support by mentors and networks . These numbers are astonishing in the 21st century. After all, we have invested decades in women’s competencies. Women care less about their retirement plans and are less likely to enter STEM professions There are also few female role models. That’s why SwissFinTechLadies is committed to making successful women visible, to advocating politically for women’s equality, as enshrined in the SDGs to which SwissFinTechLadies commits in its statues. women need tailormade financial literacy education, education on how to invest in the blockchain, a forum of female investors and a scientific research approach that continues to make proposals on how the situation can be improved. therefore SwissFin-TechLadies have also a scientific council since 2020. Currently we are working with universities on a female literacy and impressing investors with numbers app. Therefore we are looking for grants.

For providing us with a grant please use the following SFTL account (link to Einzahlungsschein)

We are also looking for Institutional members that are willing to help us in this journey as a mentor, investor or grant giver.
Please find more information in our statutes about our UN SDG aligned approach for achieving positive impact for women.


Please find here the excerpt from our statutes:

Art. 2 : “SWISSFINTECHLADIES” aims to promote science and networking with companies. “SWISSFINTECHLADIES” thus supports the transition to new life and business models. Gender equality and achieving diversity in business management, especially in the finance and fintech industries, is considered key to achieving the United Nations Global Sustainability Goals. Women are underrepresented in tech jobs, in finance, and especially in the fintech industry. Women’s participation in the tech and fintech sector will boost the economy and allow women to fully participate in society. “SWISSFINTECHLADIES” strives to encourage women to play a more active role in the digital age through numerous actions and initiatives. “SWISSFINTECHLADIES” sees the 17 UN SDGs as an opportunity to connect women in research and practice, to promote diversity in the finance, technology and fintech industry with numerous activities and actions and thus also to advance the UN SDGs. “SWISSFINTECHLADIES” makes women visible in the finance, technology and fintech industries, promotes the entry of women into these industries and combines diversity in leadership with sustainable development under the responsible use of digitalization. The association pursues these goals by, among other things, forming a women’s network, providing research and services (for example, in the field of education).
Supporting the creation of a community for diversity at all management levels in the finance, technology and fintech industries is another pillar of “SWISSFINTECHLADIES” .The importance of diversity in these industries is to be made transparent and implemented through actions, research and educational programs.

Please write to us for receiving our project propsal for a financial literacy app at hello@swissfintechladies.ch

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