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Mission & Ecosystem

  1. Network and scale
  2. Increase visibility and a safe space to speak up
  3. Support growth mindset, talent and FemTech infrastructure
  1. Scale-up: Organic growth
  2. Scale-out: Ally with others
  3. Create an Ecosystem
  4. Connect the dots
  5. Craft the theory of change
  6. Scale the movement

“SWISSFINTECHLADIES” aims to promote science and networking with companies in the finance, tech, fintech and blockchain industry. “SWISSFINTECHLADIES” thus supports the transition to new life and business models. Gender equality and diversity, leadership 4.0, especially in the financial and fintech industry, is considered key to achieving the United Nations global sustainability goals. Women are underrepresented in technical professions, in the financial world, and especially in the fintech industry. The participation of women in the technology, finance and fintech sector will boost the economy and give women full participation in society.

“SWISSFINTECHLADIES” is committed to encouraging women to take a more active role in the digital age through numerous actions and initiatives. “SWISSFINTECHLADIES” sees the 17 UN SDGs as an opportunity to network women in research and practice and to increase the diversity in the workplace in financial, technology and fintech industries.

“SWISSFINTECHLADIES” makes women in the finance, technology and fintech industry visible, promotes women’s entry into these industries and combines diversity in leadership with sustainable development under the responsible use of digitization. Among other things, the association pursues these goals by forming a women’s network, providing research and services.


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