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Alternative Assets provide alternative Return Streams for your Portfolio


Alternative Assets provide alternative Return Streams for your Portfolio

For our Angel Investors and a reason why they should care

New Trends for Private Markets: There has been a run-up in private market exposures over the past decade for institutional investors. But what are the forces behind it? first of all low return prospects in public markets. Investors had to respond to low return expectations across all asset classes and the supply of liquidity from central banks. This goes with new market trends that cannot be satisfied sufficiently by public markets: a trend for impact investing, sustainability and innovation, so there was a need for any core-satellite strategy for diversifiers, enabled by Currently the hesitance of banks from providing credit in this unsecured market scenario and due to the loss of trust into counterparties which all have loaded balance sheets with bonds that have decreased in price. These supply and demand forces will remain in place beyond today.

Assets under management in private markets have seen tremendous growth over the past 20 years—from less than US$1 trillion in the early 2000s to more than US$9.3 trillion in the second half of 2021. While. venture capital led the way, private infrastructure and private debt were strongly growing too. So what will the new focus be? We guess cyber-security, AI in asset management (with deep learning programmes) health and Space exploration.

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