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Female Founder Story of the week: Eloho Omame


Female Founder Story of the week: Eloho Omame

Eloho Omame, is a co-founder and partner at TLcom Capital and co-founder and general partner at FirstCheck Africa, a firm that supports startups in the technology industry in Africa. The start-ups in Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, and Kenya that are part of FirstCheck Africa’s investment portfolio are run by female founders and specialise in financial services, healthcare, education, and retail and commerce. She is dedicated to supporting the remarkable female entrepreneurs of Africa in their efforts to create successful businesses through FirstCheck Africa. Read more about her here: https://www.elohoomame.com/bio/elohoomame

In our new format, Spotlight, we want to tell the success stories of
female-led startups and the journey to their success. We believe that
role models play an important role in opening up our mindset to what
is possible. Together we can inspire each other to make our dreams
come true.

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