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Weekly LATOKEN VCTV Events


Weekly LATOKEN VCTV Events

Weekly LATOKEN VCTV Events

LATOKEN VCTV is an online platform with streaming of VC related discussion panels, roadshows and pitch competitions, startup business model brainstorms. 50+ VC managers, investors and founders were online, including Matthew Le Merle (Managing Partner at Blockchain Coinvestors, Chairman Europe at Securitize), Tim Enneking (Founder at Digital Capital Management), Nick Ayton (Founder at Chainstarter Ventures), Ashton Addison (News Broadcaster and interview Host Reuters, Canada), Michael Coletta (Head Of Blockchain Technology And Strategy London Stock Exchange Group), and others. LATOKEN VCTV’s online events are streamed to all  web pages to thousands of traders and visitors. Join us this week to enjoy the valuable content.

This week AGENDA:


Monday, April 13th
4 pm UK time: Online Roadshow “Fundraising in the Era of Pandemic”

Tuesday, April 14th
4 pm UK time: Startup Leaders club “Impact of COVID-19 on Global Tech, Series IV”

Wednesday, April 13th
12 pm UK time: Online Roadshow “Investments in the New Reality”

4 pm UK time: Fireside chat “Recent investment of Good AI Capital in VastBiome”;
4:35 pm UK time: Keynote “Blockchain Mining and May 2020 Halving”;
5:30 pm UK time: Keynote “Post Pandemic Technology”

Thursday, April 16th
1 pm UK time: Panel discussion “The Laws of Investments During The COVID-19 Pandemic”
4 pm UK time: Startup Leaders club “Business model transformation in the Era of Pandemic, Series V”

Friday, April 17th
4 pm UK time: Online Roadshow “Fundraising in the Era of Pandemic”

This week’s PARTICIPANTS include:

  • Tess Hau, VC, Founder, Chairwoman, Tess Ventures
  • Ashton Addison, News Broadcaster and interview Host, Reuters, Canada
  • Gary Sum, Chairman, Swiss Capital Group
  • Tilo Bonow, Investor at Infinity Ventures, Cavalry Ventures, Unlock Venture Partners
  • Darwin Ling, Founding General Partner, Good AI Capital
  • Luca Zurlo, Head of Partners, NX3 Venture Partners
  • Benjamin Narasin, Institutional Seed Investor, New Enterprise Associates
  • Mary Glazkova, Venture Partner, Mindrock Capital
  • Jean Jacques, Dandrieux, Venture Partner, Differential Ventures
  • Hany Syed, Managing Director, Bridge Technology Capital

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