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Why more women should work in Tech


Why more women should work in Tech

Why more women should work in Tech

Whatever the reason for female disinterest in tech, it’s important to remember that this career is ideal for women!

In fact, women were heavily involved in programming, data and codebreaking throughout the 1900s, being responsible for the first NASA programs and breaking code at Bletchley Park.

The decline in female IT professionals started in the 1980s, perhaps due to negative media stereotypes of computer geeks, and the rise of male dot-com success stories like Steve Jobs.

As more IT companies start delivering projects using agile methods, the need for techies with good social skills will increase, as such methods emphasise the importance of teamwork.

Whilst it is true that women are a minority in tech, it’s time to shatter the stereotypes and stop being scared to get involved! IT careers are exciting – you could be working on the next blockbuster video game, keeping an organisation safe from hackers, or writing a programme that saves lives.

The salaries are awesome as it is highly in demand and tech isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. This is a job for life and you can shape it to suit you.

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