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Get out of the Waitingroom Part 2 SME-TOOL-BOX

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The crysis comes, the crysis goes The business pilots of todai gmbh have developed the SME-Tool-Box, so that entrepreneurs are ready when the corona crysis is over. A guide in three steps to get back on track 1. Inventory: Simply waiting until it is over is not an option! 2. Where are we after COVID-19? […]

Get out of the Waitingroom Part 3 Agile Leadership

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You hear about a new coronavirus, then COVID-19 and a few weeks later we find ourself in lockdown. The changes that have come over us so quickly place great demands on our employees. In order to maintain success or at least minimize the negative influence of this situation, managers must react very quickly, very employee-oriented and […]

Get out of the Waitingroom Part 4 Agile Culture

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Recipe for a new Code of Conduct As Enterpreneurs, we now have the chance to build a culture of trust. For a successful recipe you need the following ingredients: Ingredient 1: Your corporate value Ingredient 2: Your positioning Ingredient 3: Your corporate culture For more information, download this pdf!

Emotional Intelligence: Fixed to Growth Mindset Transformation

This course provides a broad overview of the basic concepts of Emotional Intelligence. The course consists of interactive exercises. About this Event • Over the course of our lifetime we have developed experiences by which we engage with the world, and this workshop will challenge your existing perspective and measure how effective it is in […]

Emotional Intelligence: Discover EQ for Impact (Part 1)

Evaluating your behaviors and motivators via the TTI TriMetrix® EQ assessment and enhancing job performance, decision-making strategies About this Event • EQ: the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions • Through evaluating your behaviors and motivators via the TTI TriMetrix® EQ assessment, participants will […]

Emotional Intelligence: Self-Leadership and Agility (Part 2)

Empowering people in the Knowledge economy, learn Self-Leadership and Agility for organisational success. About this Event • A pivotal branch of EQ which will provide you with the necessary tools for developing control of one’s emotions, and in turn one’s stress levels • Fundamental requirement for empowering both people and organizational success in the knowledge […]