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Colivar Weekly Market Pulse


Colivar Weekly Market Pulse

Colivar Weekly Market Pulse

Colivar Weekly Market Pulse

Here you will read the Colivar Weekly Market Pulse,courtesy of our guest author Mahnoosh Mirghaemi.

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Navigating the Stock Decline, Bond Yields, and Recovery Prospects


For the second consecutive week, stocks plummeted to their lowest since May. Investors reacting negatively to less-than-stellar earnings reports, have pulled back from equities. The tumult in bank ETFs and the dramatic increase in bond yields add further complexity to the present scenario. Taking advantage of geopolitical strife, Gold has ascended to its highest since May, shining once more as a dependable safe haven.

A Closer Look at Stock Performances

Since their peak in July, the 10% drop in stocks can be primarily attributed to soaring long-term government bond yields and the inconsistent earnings reports from prominent tech titans. The central question: Is it a signal for investors to brace for a storm, or is it merely a temporary setback?

Earnings & Geopolitical Impact

The earnings season has presented a mixed bag, with investor sentiment visibly slanting towards pessimism. The fickle nature of company-specific results, combined with the unstable geopolitical climate, paints a challenging backdrop.

Key Catalyst

Tech behemoths like Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Meta, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Tesla, collectively known as the “Magnificent Seven”, have been at the forefront of market escalations. Now, they are seemingly at the epicenter of its decline.

Recovery Patterns

The data suggests that the market might be heading towards a U-shaped recovery, indicating a gradual return to form rather than an immediate bounce back.

Optimism amidst Uncertainty

Despite looming concerns, there are substantial reasons to remain hopeful:

  • Economic Resilience – Consumer spending points to a robust economic foundation.

  • Inflation Moderation – Despite rapid growth and low unemployment, inflation seems to be tapering off.

  • Fed’s Stance – Historical patterns indicate that a pause in rate hikes can be beneficial.

  • Bond Yields – They may be nearing their peak.

  • Improved Valuations – Some stocks now appear more attractively priced.

  • Earnings Momentum – Corporate profits are showing positive trends.

  • Manufacturing Stability – A good indicator of economic health.

  • Oil Prices – Returning to a stable equilibrium.

  • Shift in Investor Sentiment – A move from complacency to scepticism can often rejuvenate equities.

  • Seasonal Positivity – History shows that the last two months of the year often yield positive returns.

While current concerns are weighing down stocks, historical patterns suggest that equity markets can often rebound, influenced by various external factors. Looking at the historical perspective, corrections are not uncommon. In fact, history shows that they often present opportunities for savvy investors. Despite the uncertainties in the current landscape, various metrics suggest that the worst may be behind us, and we are heading towards more stable times.

The U.S. dollar has weakened, but all eyes are on next week’s Federal Reserve meeting. Additionally, recent data indicates that underlying inflation is on the rise, yet consumer spending continues its upward trajectory. We anticipate no significant shifts in the Federal Reserve’s position in the upcoming meeting but emphasise data dependency for the next move. 

Yields and Their Impact

While yield volatility has impacted the equity market, it is expected to wane over time. Recent shifts in the European Central Bank’s policy have refocused attention on yield trajectories. The performance of different sectors varies with bond yields. Sectors like banking, which has performed well recently, might be at an inflexion point given various prevailing factors.

Overall, while uncertainties abound, opportunities also lie in wait. As an investor, it is imperative to navigate these turbulent waters with a mix of caution and optimism. This market may be challenging, but it offers bounteous prospects for the vigilant and the astute.

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