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Meet our media partners for the Art and Fintech start-up night and Donors Gala


Meet our media partners for the Art and Fintech start-up night and Donors Gala

Meet our media partners for the Art and Fintech start-up night and Donors Gala

Are you as excited as we are for the upcoming Art and Fintech start-up night and donors gala?

We have the pleasure to introduce you to our media partners. Today we want to introduce you to 360x Art.

Who are they?

“360X Art is dedicated to redefining art as an asset class, using a structured process and offering a legally compliant product to facilitate monetization and investments into artworks.
360X Art is assisting by turning (physical) artworks into fungible tokens, containing different rights in the artworks, similar to conventional securities, thereby creating financial instruments.
In providing different types of token products, our services include, but are not limited to the sourcing, quality assessment, storage, structuring, and data compilation of predominantly physical artworks. Our goal is to create access, liquidity and equal participation for all types of interested parties.

360X Art AG:
* founded in 2021 as part of the 360X group
* Together with 360X AG, a German-based, regulated marketplace (backed by the German Stock Exchange and Commerzbank), as well as other trusted partners, 360X Art aims to build an ecosystem for quality-approved, tokenized art assets to bring access and democratization to the world of fine art.

Problem we are solving

Art has always been a strong asset and a proven store of value encompassing monetary and non-monetary values, art is both an emotional and a financial asset.

Art as an asset faces several challenges:

* 1) High entry barriers, especially for non-market players.
* 2) Lack of liquidity.
* 3) Lack of transparency.
* 3) Difficulty in integrating for portfolio diversification.
* 4) Exclusivity.
* 5) Monetization hurdles for art owners.
* 6) Lack of financing solutions.

Our goal is to create liquidity for art asset owners and enable access, growth, and diversification for all types of investors.


Tokenization uses pioneering blockchain technology to digitally represent rights in respect of real-world art assets.
The art industry is leveraging asset tokenization.
Investors can now buy, own, and trade tokens linked to real-world art assets, similar to trading conventional securities, allowing them to participate in artworks’ value appreciation.
1) Security
* 2) Liquidity
* 3) Efficiency
* 4) Transparency”

More information about the Art and Fintech start-up night and Donors Gala here:
and visit us under: https://emotional-agility.dg1.com/vc4diversity/

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