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Where are women in fintech: self-defeating patterns or a real lack of integration?


Where are women in fintech: self-defeating patterns or a real lack of integration?

Where are women in fintech: self-defeating patterns or a real lack of integration?

Where are women in fintech: self-defeating patterns or a real lack of integration?

The financial technology industry, or fintech for short, has seen exponential growth in recent years and has fundamentally changed the way we conduct financial transactions. Despite this impressive growth and innovation, few women are involved in the fintech industry, both as companies and as investors.  So there is still a gender gap gender gap.

An overview of the current situation

The fintech industry is known for its innovation and disruptive power, ranging from payment solutions to open finance models, AI-driven wealth management with deep learning components, cryptocurrencies and peer-to-peer lending. Women are underrepresented. Few women are involved in leadership positions or as founders.

According to a study by the World Economic Forum, the global share of women in fintech is only about 7%. This highlights the urgent need to motivate women to enter this emerging emerging industry. Because a new study shows: Women might have a self-selection bias and be more interested in professions that have nothing to do with technology and finance, according to researchers at CREMA, the Center for Research in Economics, Management and Arts, for example, recently. If this is true, it would be fatal.

Because it would mean that in 20 years we would have mainly male investors and male-dominated companies, and that in a very innovative, high-growth sector. Where are the women who dare to enter this field and succeed there? That’s what we at SwissFinTechLadies wanted to find out when we started looking for start-ups in this sector with female co-founders.

And believe it or now – they exist! We are experiencing strong, innovative women, and there must be more of them. Of those who have successfully gone through our Ventura Capital for Diversity programme (VC4Diversity), we will send the most convincing companies to Davos in January for the World Economic Forum Innovation Day. On 25.11.2023, together with SmartMoneyMatch and our Top Notch jury, we will select the winners.

The award will be presented at the Art and Startup Night together with Smart Money Match. Men, especially investors, understand very well how important this topic is and that more women are needed in the FinTech industry.

Why should women dare to enter the fintech industry and integrate themselves there?

The integration of women into the fintech industry brings numerous advantages for all sides.First of all, women can innovate, keep up with the world, imagine the future of the financial industry in 10 years. They bring different perspectives, and ways of thinking into the industry, which further increases the innovation lever. This creates more perspectives. At the same time the customer base can also be expanded.

Today, a diverse workforce is desired, even urgently sought, by many investors. Often women feel feel better among women, but dear ladies, that argument does not apply here. After all, it is about shaping our common future. And that’s where you all need to step up to the plate to close this leaky pipeline.Women who are already successful in the industry are role models and should coach and pull other women after them.

In doing so, that women should be role modelsand leaders should be made more visible, we are making sure of this with our Art and Start-Up Night with Award Ceremony on 25.11.2023.On 25 November, the time has come for the first Art and Fintech Start-upNight and Donors Gala will take place.

More information about the Art and Fintech start-up night and Donors Gala here:
and visit us under: https://emotional-agility.dg1.com/vc4diversity/

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