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Meet our media partners: RiskIn


Meet our media partners: RiskIn

Meet our media partners: RiskIn

We are pleased to introduce you to one more of our media partners for the Art and Fintech Start-up Night and Donors Gala 2023. Today it is RiskIn.

Risk-!n 6th edition, May 30-31, 2024, Zurich. Block your agenda!

Bridges the silos and manage risks!

As a media support, Risk-!n as the privilege to give you a 22% discount to the Art and Fintech Startup and Award Night in Zurich Nov 25 with the code Riskin22. Follow the link here.

In this newsletter:

  1. Participant Interview #2 Huu-An Pham – Axa Climate
  2. Call for Speakers 2024
  3. 2023 Video Recap
  4. 2024 Hotel Info
  5. R! LinkedIn Page
  6. 2024 Sponsorship Packages
  7. 2024 Risk-!n 6th edition sponsors’list

1.INTERVIEWS : During Risk-!n 2023 we recorded short videos with participants, they share without detour their thoughts of the event.

#2 is Huu-An Pham, Head of Industry Adaptation Axa Climate. link here.

2.CALL FOR SPEAKERS : We are missing topic submissions in Insurance, Captives & AI risks and Cyber as an example

Link here or on the speaker picture.

3.VIDEO RECAP : Still very enjoyable to watch, the short video recap of this fabulous 5th edition of the Risk-!n conference 2023 that took place 25-26 May at the fantastic Zurich Marriott Hotel. Click here or on the screenshot.

4.HOTEL INFO : 2024 conference is in preparation. It will take place at the same location, with even more space, on May 30-31. The Marriott is at walking distance from the main train station. Please pin this conference in your calendars. Click on the crowd picture for more info or here.

5.Stay tuned with our LINKEDIN PAGE : Stay tuned with our newsletters and on our Risk-!n LinkedIn page. Click on the LinkedIn logo to subscribe to our company page or here and follow #riskin24.

6.SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES : It is already time to book your space with us for 2024, please send an email to: stephane.martin@risk-in.com and consult the updated sponsorship packages on the R! icon or here.


2024 Initial Sponsors who are in discussion with Risk-!n to support

the Risk Management Community

Would you like to continue the discussion ?

Email us ! → stephane.martin@risk-in.com

Presseportal: https://www.presseportal.ch/de/nr/100096065https://swissfintechladies.ch/blog/

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